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Used during the Canadian winter months, our team designs a custom frame with expert weight distribution to ensure your boat is always protected. We meticulously apply and shrink a protective film that is tailored to your boat's unique shape and size, ensuring that it's shielded from the elements. To maintain the correct interior environment, we also incorporate several ventilation ports into the film. With our service, you can rest assured that your boat is protected from the elements. We even offer a wind guarantee of up to 80KPH.
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7 & 8 GA Shrink Wrap Film

Shrink wrapping is a process of protecting a boat with a large sheet of plastic, using heat to shrink it tightly around the boat, creating a barrier against dust, moisture, and other environmental factors. This is popular among boat owners who need to store their boat outdoors for an extended period of time, as it helps to protect the boat from the elements and prevents the need for constant maintenance. It's an affordable option for protecting a boat during the off-season. Available in 7 and 8mm shrink wrap depending on the needs for your boat.

Custom Winter Covers - * NEW ECO-PRICING

Custom winter covers are specially designed and fabricated covers that are used to protect boats from the elements during the winter months. They are typically made from heavy-duty, marine-grade materials that are resistant to water, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. These covers are custom-fit to the specific make and model of the boat, ensuring a snug and secure fit that helps to protect the boat from damage caused by snow, ice, and wind. Custom winter covers are an effective way to protect boats from the harsh winter weather and can help to extend the life of the boat. With our new eco pricing, pay the same as you would for shrink wrap yearly, but lose the waste!

Winter Doors

Designed to provide easy access to your boat while it is shrink-wrapped, these custom-made doors feature expert stitching and a sturdy zipper for quick and convenient entry. With a minimum size of six feet, our oversized winter doors are tailored to your boat's specific dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit. This feature allows you to easily check on your boat or perform any necessary maintenance, without the need to remove the shrink wrap.

* Winter Storm Watch

Our Winter Storm Watch service is a unique offering that provides real-time updates to boat owners during wind, snow, or rain storms. By subscribing to this service, you will receive live updates directly to your mobile device, ensuring that you are always aware of the condition of your boat during harsh winter weather.

* Please note that this service is currently only available in select regions.

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