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Custom canvas work is the creation of custom-fitted covers, enclosures, and protective fabric structures for boats and watercraft. A high level of attention to detail is required to ensure maximum protection and durability. Custom canvas work can be used for storage, cockpit space, or protection while on the water, and Chameleon Customs can help create a solution that meets specific needs.
boat canvas

Full Enclosures

Full enclosures protect a boat's cockpit area from the weather elements, and are custom-fit to your boat's dimensions and needs. Made from durable materials like canvas or clear vinyl, they're an excellent choice for boaters who want to use their vessel in colder or wetter months, or for those who want to create a more comfortable and functional space.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are custom fabric structures that provide shade and sun protection. Made of durable, waterproof materials like canvas or polyester, they are suspended from poles or other structures using cables or hardware. Shade sails can be customized to fit the area being shaded and are a good choice for providing shade for outdoor spaces like AFT decks or pools.

Bimini and Dodgers

A bimini is a type of custom canvas structure that provides shade and shelter for a boat's cockpit area. It is usually made of a sturdy frame and covered with canvas or another durable, waterproof material. A dodger is similar to a bimini, but it is designed to provide additional protection from the wind and waves, rather than just shade. Both can be custom fit for you!

Stainless Steel Framing

Stainless steel framing is a durable and corrosion-resistant alloy. It is commonly used in the construction of custom canvas structures such as biminis, dodgers, and enclosures, as it is strong and able to withstand the harsh marine environment. Stainless steel framing is also resistant to rust and other types of corrosion, making it an excellent choice for saltwater use too.

Custom Covers

Custom covers are designer fabric structures that protect the object (such as boat, BBQ, TV, and lifeboat) from the elements. Made of durable, waterproof materials such as canvas or polyester, they are custom fit to your needs. Winter covers prevent damage from snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. It also extends the life of the boat and/or other accessories.

Window Replacement

Window replacement can be necessary for a variety of reasons, including damage, wear and tear, or the desire to upgrade to a more energy-efficient or aesthetically pleasing window. When replacing a window, it is important to ensure that the new window is properly sized and installed and that it is suitable for the specific needs and location of the opening.

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